Monday, December 17, 2007

My entry to the Blogging world.

I haven't been a big fan of blogging...but it seems it's the thing to do. I went to a conference and everyone was doing it. My writing friends are doing blog tours and the world has moved on, as Stephen King would say.

I'm on Facebook if anyone wants to be my friend. It's a bit narcissistic (I'd be able to spell that if I'd studied English)

It's not that I'm against blogging per se, it's just that I have so little time just to live my own life and fit things in. If I have time to write I SHOULD BE WRITING not writing about writing. And if I don't have time to read other people's blogs, why should anyone read mine. Therefore why on earth am I doing it.

Scared I am. Left behind I may be. Try I will.

So what will this be about....

Well, I guess I'm an Australian emerging writer, who has just moved to the UK. So perhaps this will be my trials of trying to make it in the bigger world over here.

So therefore I'd better share some snipbits.

I'm a member of SCBWI in Australia, so it was nice to have somewhere to start. I joined SCBWI in the UK and added my name to the yahoo discussion board. It means there are more emails I have to decide whether I have time to read or not. But there are some good bits too.

I mentioned where I lived on-line (Essex)...but near Cambridge, really. My daughters are not Essex girls..yet.

Anyway, a lovely lady replied. She lived in the Orkneys but had lived in my town of Saffron Walden for many years. Her daughter organises SCBWI events. We chatted, as you do, swapping stories of what teachers were still there and what they had done to her children.

Then, she was to visit children in Cambridge. Foolishly, I inivited her to stay for the night as my husband was away. Foolishly she agreed to come. Her children cautioned her against coming to stay with someone she'd met on the intenet. I left work, explaining that I was spending the evening with a woman I'd met on the internet and my husband was away. Luckily, she brought wine, I managed to avert the garlic bread burning and we had a wonderful evening full of tales of Orkney and Saffron Walden. So, the moral of the story is...not everyone that you meet on the internet is a stalker or psychopath. Although she was much better at playing 'resteraunts' with my girls than I was.

So I had a friend, to hold my hand at the conference.

Now, this first post was to be about SCBWI but perhaps I'll leave that for another time.