Monday, May 10, 2010

Puggle visits Clayton Library

Yesterday I visited Clayton library to read Puggle at their preschool storytime. As I'd spent most of the weekend in bed with a virus, it all went well considering! As I drove there I was wishing I could be curled up under my doona. I was welcomed by Michelle and Suzi, the libarians and a host of little curious faces. The library also had copies of all my books, which is always a good start.

I'm always amazed by the enthusiasm of librarians who organise these sessions. Michelle began the session with a song, then an exercise to get the wriggles out. She read one of Rod Campbells stories to begin with and then a photographer from Waverley Leader took some photos. I always hate my photo in newspapers. They always choose the wrinkliest one of me I'm sure! At least there will be some kids in there for the cuteness factor.

Reading Puggle to a roomful of wriggly, squiggly two to three year olds was a challenge, but I had a few older children who sat in front of me and nodded in the right places. It wasn't the venue to amaze them with my new found echidna knowledge.

Michelle finished up with an echidna puppet, which she made eat imaginary 'ants' out of the children's hands. I really need a puppet! I'll do better next time Michelle...

Suzi Jenkins, the Youth Services Librarian, had drawn a picture of an echidna. All the children were able to colour in a copy and stick on spines made of coloured matchsticks. It was such a great idea and so simple. I'd been trying to think of things to do with toothpicks and plasticine but this was much safer and less messy.

Back to bed the company of my youngest daughter who seems to have come down with the same thing.