Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free Copies Of 'Our Gags.'

I had planned to run this post on Friday, in conjunction with Dee White's review of 'Our Gags.' However, Blogger was down and hockey matches, basketball and other family commitments have intervened; including digging our new community garden vegetable patch!

'Our Gags,' is broadly based on our family and in particular my Mum, Rita.
It's a story of sock washing that litters the hallways, dishes that haven't been done, tired mums, new babies and toddlers that are feeling a little neglected.

Annabelle Josse's fun illustrations are a wonderfully warm accompaniment to this collection of three short stories for early readers. Our Gags is part of the Walker Stories series.

Gags is the name we call my mum, rather than Grandma, or Gran. It's one of those childhood names that stuck.

I've shared lots of stories about my mum in this book, how she was a great troll in Billy Goats Gruff, how she zoomed into the house and left it smelling of baking and cleaning...

So if you would like to win a copy of 'Our Gags,' all you need to do is share a story about your own mother, it can be funny, sad or can be about how she helped out with children, or something else. I'll ask my daughter to help me choose the best three stories...or maybe I'll ask Gags to help.

Due to the problems with Blogger last week, I'll extend the deadline till 8pm Tuesday AEST.

Hope to hear from some of you.


  1. When I was a first time mum, my mum was my angel. She stayed with us for 3 months and when I was so tired in the chair with baby, she would say, "another piece of toast and tea?" I loved it. Then in the evening, she would nurse baby so I could go and get some sleep. She would nurse baby until baby absolutely needed to be fed. Then she would bring "pudding" (the baby) in to me in bed. I always got those precious few hours sleep before night time consumed me.

  2. What a lovely story Kaye. It brings back those memories of pushing the pram over a bump in the carpet so my first would go to sleep!

  3. My mum is amazing - she spends her life doing things for others. I often wonder when the tables will turn and I will look after her. When we go away she looks after our dog, including pick up and delivery! She shops for us, cooks for us and worries about us. She really is the best! (cate metzeling)

  4. Hi Cat,

    Congrats on yet another book. Well done, you. You are a star!

    My mum was crossing the main street of our country town moments after my great aunt had been cosseting baby Kathryn – me! Mum didn’t realise I was no longer secured, and when she tilted the pram up and over the kerb, I slipped out … and into the gutter! Mum said she was so embarrassed that for the briefest of moments, she actually considered leaving me there. Now that would have been embarrassing!

    But this is what I remember…

    My Mum

    My mum is a whirlwind
    whipping chaos into order
    whisking clutter well away.
    My mum is a flute
    singing surely, making melodies
    so others sing too.
    My mum is a DIY home show;
    doing, moving, eradicating…
    She’s on the job!
    My mum is a freesia,
    strongly scented, vibrant colour
    blooming where she’s planted.
    My mum is a pavlova,
    with soft heart to sweeten
    the way for those in need.

    She’s the salt in the casserole
    the sugar in the custard
    the spice in the curry
    and the sand in the cake.

    She is order
    and reason
    and gravity;
    the world on it’s axis
    in time.

    What you see is what you get
    with my mum.
    She sees what others don’t,
    and acts.

    © Kathryn Apel

  5. Ah, mum won't look after our dog anymore. A boisterous labrador is more than even Gags can cope with.

  6. Kat, I'm sure we all have moments like your mum did. It's that fear of what other people are thinking isn't it? I remeber the shame of dislocating my daughter's writs in the supermarket...and she never lets me forget it...many years later.

    I loved your poem, you are so multitalented.

  7. Hi Cat,
    congrats on another book out- here's tale telling on my mum:
    My mum loves chocolate and for every birthday each of her four daughters would receive a box- now mum being a good house keeper had to especially clean the birthday girl's bedroom on the day of her birthday and check the quality and taste of the chocolates. We always knew how hard mum had been cleaning by the number of chocolates missing when we got home from school!

    Lorraine M

  8. Congratulations Kaye, Cate and Kat. Thanks for entering. Could you please send me your adresses so that I can get them posted to you?

    my email is

    cheers, catriona

  9. Ooh. Lovely. Thanks Cat. (Email is on the way.)