Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Our Gags' is officially launched.

A bag at the signing...and me.
 A lovely time was had by all on Saturday, when 'Our Gags,' my Walker Story early reader was officially launched.

I can't thank Julie McInnes from Matilda's Books in Mt Waverley enough, for the effort she put into hosting the event. Matildas books is one of those lovely bookshops, independently owned, where the staff are passionate about books and are full of great advice. Julie herself is an ex-librarian and devoted to literacy and literature.

Julie arranged a great window display with a range of all my books, organised all the catering and even provided each mum with a beautiful orchid. My mum and I received a bouquet of flowers each. Mum is still raving about the sausage rolls and wants me to find out where Julie got them. Plenty of champagne and bubbles and almost a couple of tears.

A big thankyou to Walker Books, who generously contributed to the costs of hosting the event. It's been a pleasure to work with the team at Walker who are dedicated to producing quality works.

Cr. Greg Male, Julie McInnes et moi.
Another thankyou to Cr. Greg Male, the mayor of Waverley. It was nice to meet my local mayor and have a chat. Cr. Male took time out from his busy schedule to pop in, say some nice words and even cut an official ribbon to launch 'Our Gags.'

For me, personally, it was a lovely way to thank my mum, who is the 'Gags' in the story for all the things she has done to help over the years . If you want an insight into the chaos that is the Hoy household...you'll just have to read the book. Or better still, encourage an early reader to read it.

On Friday, I'll be giving away three copies of 'Our Gags' on my blog. Make sure you pop back then!

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  1. Congratulations, Cat! I am impressed with that beautiful photo of you signing. It's great to hear you had a terrific launch day.